“Between Loves” (2014)

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En Uruguay compralo en Perro Andaluz, Palacio de la Musica y otras disquerias.



“Woman Dreaming of Escape” (2012)

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En Uruguay compralo en Perro Andaluz, Palacio de la Musica y otras disquerias.


“Between Loves” (2014)

“…exquisitely complex; an acute balance of sophistication and innocence and a deeply rooted conviction about the relationship between art and nature.”

                                                                                            LATIN JAZZ NETWORK
                                                                                            5 stars

“…this isn’t the document of an artist torn between two passions; it’s a harmonious and impassioned melding of both that reveals rich promise”

                                                                                            DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE
                                                                                           4 stars

“Shining as both a saxophonist and composer…”

                                                                                            JAZZ INSIDE MAGAZINE

“…she just plays killer jazz. While the cover shot would be right in having you think she veers toward a softer sensibility, that doesn’t mean she’s not capable of sure footed, muscular playing, all of which will have you sit up and take notice. It’s gently, hard hitting stuff that’ll have you singing her praises to anyone who’ll listen. Well done.”

                                                                                            MIDWEST RECORD

“Between Loves, despite its camouflaging bittersweet hearts and flowers title, is extremely intellectually progressive, its roots lying in shifting pre-Impressionism flowing backwards a few steps into its own
Romantic roots”

                                                                                            FOLK & ACOUSTIC MUSIC

“That cover shot by Leo Barizzoni doesn’t begin to tell the true story of the music within. Florencia Gonzalez’s music – either composed by this Uruguayan musician or thoroughfully rearrange by her – billows out from behind deceptively plain-spoken doors with sweeping, depthless orchestral movements on a rhythmic ride. (….)This is a new artist to watch.”

                                                                                            AXS EXAMINER
                                                                                            5 stars

“This is a composer who writes the kind of music you want to listen to.”


“Woman Dreaming of Escape” (2012)

“Lest anyone fear that big band is an outdated jazz form, they need only to look towards this astonishing ensemble and its leader.”

                                                                                            THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD

“…only someone who is truly talented can create music with such power and beauty. Ms. González is more than just a talented musician. She is, quite simply, a rarity—a woman of astonishing substance.”

                                                                                            LATIN JAZZ NETWORK

“…Florencia’s charts have an air you may call Third-Stream, you may call world music. I’ d call it worth hearing.”

                                                                                            JAZZ INSIDE

“…Woman Dreaming is in most respects a showcase for Gonzalez’ ultra-modern compositions and arrangements, and she doesn’t disappoint. As another flag-bearer in the ranks of such avant-garde writers as Schneider Carla Bley, Hazel Leach, Christina Fuchs and others, Gonzalez has made the sort of remarkable beginning that presages a bright and productive future. ”

                                                                                            ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“…Florencia Gonzalez seems to impress everyone with whom she comes in contract.”

“Woman Dreaming of escape showcases her excellent writing and arranging..”

“…Gonzalez has crafted a program of long-form works that are packed generously with arranging delights and happy surprises.”


“ Mujer soñando con la evasion” refleja una sensibilidad ancha y globalizada, donde dialogan calle y academia, partitura e improvisacion, potencia orquestal y sutiles melodias solitarias…”