Florencia started teaching music at a very young age, and she has been teaching for more than 15 years.

She started her teaching career teaching recorder and music initiation to very young children, later on, she taught saxophone, music theory, ear training and solfege lessons privately and in various music schools to students ranging in age from 6 to 60 .

She has also acted as a music educator in several High schools, with groups of up to 50 teenagers teaching music theory and music history.

Upon entering Berklee, she was hired as a tutor, teaching all harmony, ear training, solfege and arranging courses, while working in several music schools and conservatories around the Boston area.During these years, she continued teaching private students and started teaching advanced harmonic concepts to fellow musicians.

Currently, she is teaching Music Theory, Ear Training, Jazz Ensemble and Woodwinds in various New York City music schools and conservatoires.

Some of the classes offered privately are saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, harmony, ear training, composition and arranging.

She loves teaching. Her eclectic background – in which classical and popular music are integrated – as well as her professional performance experience, make her a very flexible teacher who can easily teach all levels of students and all styles.